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Department of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Department of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement

The Department of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at CAPITOL hospital offers the most comprehensive solutions in the field of Orthopaedics and is backed by full-fledged rehabilitation programs. We diagnose, treat, correct and repair bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and the spine.CAPITOL HOSPITAL has clinicians of high repute - Orthopaedic Surgeons and Occupational Therapists, all equipped to provide patients with the best diagnosis, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Our 360° approach for treatment makes us the preferred choice for treating all types of musculo-skeletal related problems, from Trauma Care to Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacements), Arthroscopy, Complex Pelvic Acetabular Reconstructions and Limb Reconstructions.

Following Surgeries are being performed at Capitol Orthopaedic Centre:

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is performed to a damaged joint and putting in a new one. A joint is where two or more bones come together, like the knee, hip, and shoulder.  Sometimes, the surgeon will not remove the whole joint, but will only replace or fix the damaged parts.The doctor may suggest a joint replacement to improve how you live. Replacing a joint can relieve pain and help you move and feel better. Hips and knees are replaced most often. Other joints that can be replaced include the shoulders, fingers, ankles, and elbows.  Key features are as under:

  • Primary and Revision Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Elbow Replacement.
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Patient specific Instrumentation
  • Lifelong Knee and Hip Implants ( Longevity ~30 years )
  • Space Suit Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Gender Specific Replacement
  • High Flex Implants
  • Painless surgery
  • Personalised Postop care and dedicated Physiotherapy

Complex Trauma Surgeries

Centre for Trauma & Emergency Care at Capitol Hospital is an exclusive centre prepared to provide immediate treatment. All the emergency doctors and staff are trained to deal with cases from minor to major injuries stabilizing trauma patients. Besides we have dedicated Neuro and Ortho Trauma OTs which are fully functional round the clock. Highlights are as following:

  • Dedicated Trauma team with 24 hrs cover
  • Integrated trauma unit with dedicated shock trauma beds
  • Minimally invasive and percutaneous treatment of fractures
  • Pelvic and acetabular surgeries
  • Infected non-union and deformities correction
  • Limb lengthening and reconstruction

Minimally Invasive Arthroscopy Surgery

Most Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic procedures are done with the use of an arthroscope, a special instrument designed for viewing and treating problems inside a joint.The Arthroscope is fitted with a miniature Camera high definition digital Aida 2 and specialised lighting system that enables the structures inside the joint to be viewed on the monitor. The surgeon attaches special tools to the end of the Arthroscope to shave, cut or remove tissue or bone that are causing problems. Arthroscopic surgery is a treatment option for knee replacement surgery, orthopaedic knee replacement, osteoarthritic knee replacement and total knee replacement.We have highly trained Plastic Surgeons with latest state-of-the-art operative equipment backed by world class Physio Centre to achieve Best Results.

Sports Injury and Revision Surgeries

This is a specialisation that requires high degree of planning, customised components and surgical skills. The department is well coordinated with the Emergency Department, Radiology department and non-surgical rehabilitation that patients may need ensuring that the best treatment is given. Some of the common procedures performed at Capitol are as under:

  • Complete and comprehensive solution to all sports injuries
  • Arthroscopic ligament reconstructions
  • Articular cartilage repair
  • Multidisciplinary team for Sports specific education and rehabilitation
  • PRP injections for ligament repair
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